able sc

While black&hue did not design the 'able' logo, we have worked closely with Able SC to design many of their campaign and event logos. 

The Advocacy Day logo was used in 2014 at the State House for a rally to promote Access and Independence for all. In addition to all the rally supporters, many SC state and local leaders were in attendance to show their support.

"Proyecto de Inclusión para las Personas con Discapacidad" : black&hue was honored to help with such a noble effort by creating the logo that will be used on materials to further this effort in the Dominican Republic! We designed several logo options and submitted them, via Able SC, to the organizations in the D.R. so that we could work together to create what would best represent their efforts. Learn more about this awesome effort. 

Fundable is an annual fundraiser and gala held in November. If you are ready to have a great time and support a wonderful cause, join in on the fun at the annual Gala!

EQUIP was a fun logo to design. This is a program from young adults, led by young adults, with disabilities. We wanted to make the logo youthful and energetic while clearly showing that this was a series about open communication to help them plan for their future. 

Mapping Your Future is an ongoing transitional conference where youth can plan for their life after high school, which involves going to college, getting a job, or becoming an active community member.

Find out more about Able SC's programs and how they can help you: